Beyond the Pill Non-Opioid Care for Chronic Pain

Beyond the Pill: Non-Opioid Care for Chronic Pain

Bottom Line:

One of the problems with pain medications is that they only treat the symptoms. In fact, they aren’t doing a thing to resolve the source of your pain. And if you are looking for a long-term solution for pain relief, you need to address the root cause.

If you’re dealing with chronic pain, now is the time to tackle it naturally. But how do you deal with chronic pain without the use of opioid pain medications? Keep reading…

Why It Matters:

We’ve have found a lot of success with a plan that typically encourages:

  1. Whole Body Movement with Daily Exercise: it may seem impossible to get out and get active when you’re dealing with chronic pain, but it may help you see some relief from your symptoms! For example, if you’re dealing with chronic back pain, regular walks can help relieve the stiffness and soreness that comes with back pain.
  • Specific Spinal Joint Movement with Chiropractic Adjustments: Chiropractors are an excellent resource for anyone who is dealing with chronic pain. New research has shown chiropractic care as effective at relieving pain as many medications without the associated risks. What’s more, the likelihood of filling an opioid prescription is reduced by over 50% for people who see a chiropractor.

Next Steps:

You don’t need to keep struggling with chronic pain. Researchers have found that chiropractic care and active exercise can be very effective at reducing your symptoms and addressing the cause.

If you or someone you know has struggled with chronic pain, please reach out to our practice today so that we can help provide you with options for relief that don’t include the dangerous medications like those that have created the current opioid epidemic.

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