Chiropractors are experts in the treatment of auto injuries. Once it has been determined that your car accident has not caused any life threatening injuries your next call should be to your  New Smyrna Beach Chiropractor.

It is important to see an accident injury chiropractor after a car accident because they help treat soft tissue injuries, like whiplash.

Most car accident injuries effect the neck, back, and spine, so choosing to be treated by a chiropractor who has years of experience treating the musculosketal system is a wise choice.

Chiropractors use natural treatment techniques to manage pain and reduce inflammation-causing soreness.

We provide patients with access to the best medical testing equipment and facilities available in the industry today. We use this equipment to ensure that each client gets an accurate diagnosis before they start treatment.

We also will provide an  individualized rehabilitation program that gives you the best opportunity to achieve a full physical recovery.

If your injury the result of an accident that was someone else’s fault we will work with Personal Injury Attorneys to ensure that all of their medical and legal needs are met.